15 Problems Only a Dachshund Owner Would Understand

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and short legs, are a unique and beloved breed among dog enthusiasts. These dogs are known for their charming personalities, tenacity, and distinctive appearance. However, being a Dachshund owner comes with its own set of distinctive challenges and experiences that only those who have welcomed these lovable canines into their lives can truly comprehend. In this article, we will explore 15 problems and idiosyncrasies that only a Dachshund owner would truly understand.

1. The Endless Battle with the “Wiener War”

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Dachshunds are known for their playful and stubborn nature, which can lead to what Dachshund owners affectionately call the “Wiener War.” These dogs have a strong desire to be in control and may resist commands with all their might. Dachshund owners often find themselves in a tug of war with their dogs when they try to enforce rules or get them to come inside from the backyard.

2. The Digging Dilemma

Dachshunds have a natural instinct to dig, and they can turn your backyard into a series of holes. Whether they’re burying treasures, chasing after critters, or simply enjoying a bit of excavation, Dachshunds are enthusiastic diggers. Owners need to reinforce their fencing and provide alternative digging areas to channel their dog’s natural instincts.

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3. “Selective Deafness” at Its Finest

Dachshunds have a reputation for “selective deafness” when it comes to obedience commands. They may respond to your calls and cues when they feel like it, but at other times, they seem completely deaf to your pleas. Dachshund owners often need to employ patience, consistency, and a few extra treats to motivate their dogs to listen.

4. Escape Artist Extraordinaire

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Dachshunds are skilled escape artists. Their small size and determination can lead them to find creative ways to squeeze through or under barriers, gates, and fences. Owners need to be vigilant in ensuring their Dachshund’s safety and preventing them from wandering off.

5. The Battle of House Training

House training a Dachshund can be a bit more challenging than with other breeds. Their stubbornness and independent streak can make them slow to catch on to potty training. Dachshund owners need to be persistent and patient, celebrating each small victory along the way.

6. The Mighty Hunter

Dachshunds are natural hunters and will chase after small animals with great enthusiasm. This can be a problem if you have other pets or live in an area with wildlife. Dachshund owners need to be watchful to ensure their dogs don’t harm smaller animals and to prevent them from disappearing down a rabbit hole during a walk.

7. The Perpetual Hunger Games

Dachshunds are enthusiastic eaters and always seem to be on the hunt for their next meal. Their pleading eyes and charming demeanor make it challenging to resist giving them extra treats. Dachshund owners often need to be diligent in monitoring their dog’s diet and portion control to prevent weight gain.

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8. Their Love for a Good Bark

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Dachshunds are known for their vocal nature and have a tendency to bark at just about anything that captures their attention, from passing cars to the wind rustling through the trees. While it’s an excellent alert system, it can also lead to a noisy household. Dachshund owners often need to work on training to ensure that their dogs understand when it’s appropriate to bark and when to be quiet.

9. The Challenge of Keeping Them Warm

Dachshunds have a short coat and a long body, which can leave them vulnerable to the cold. In colder weather, they can easily get chilled, making it essential for Dachshund owners to provide warm clothing, blankets, and a cozy place for their dogs to stay comfortable.

10. The Tail Wag That Doesn’t Clear the Table

Dachshunds have a tail that wags with enthusiasm, but it doesn’t clear the table like some larger breeds. This means that their tail can easily sweep small objects off coffee tables or low surfaces. Dachshund owners often find themselves rearranging their decor to accommodate their dog’s exuberant tail wagging.

11. In-Your-Face Affection

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Dachshunds are known for their affectionate nature and enjoy being close to their owners. This can lead to “in-your-face” affection, where they insist on cuddling up in your lap or sitting right on your chest. While it’s a heartwarming display of love, it can also be slightly overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to relax.

12. Biting Off More Than They Can Chew

Dachshunds have a strong desire to chew on just about anything they can get their jaws around. Whether it’s your favorite pair of shoes or your child’s toy, Dachshunds are not shy about biting off more than they can chew. Owners quickly become adept at providing an array of sturdy chew toys to save their possessions from becoming casualties.

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13. Keeping Them Cool in Hot Weather

Dachshunds may be small, but they are prone to overheating in hot weather due to their body shape and lack of insulating fur. Owners need to provide a cool and well-ventilated environment, avoid strenuous exercise in the heat, and be cautious about hot pavement during walks.

14. Wrestling with Walks

Dachshunds have a strong prey drive and can become easily distracted during walks. They may chase after squirrels, birds, or even their own shadows, making it a challenge to maintain a steady pace. Dachshund owners often need to use harnesses and leashes that prevent neck injury and be prepared for frequent stops along the way.

15. The Endless Companionship

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Perhaps the most exceptional aspect of being a Dachshund owner is the deep and enduring bond that forms between you and your dog. Dachshunds are known for their unwavering loyalty and affection. They become lifelong companions, offering their owners a level of devotion and love that is truly remarkable.


Being a Dachshund owner is a unique and heartwarming experience. These dogs bring boundless love, loyalty, and entertainment into their owner’s lives. While Dachshunds may engage in the “Wiener War,” resist commands, and enjoy their endless digging, their unwavering affection and loyalty make them cherished companions. Dachshund owners understand that the quirks and challenges that come with these charming, long-bodied dogs are all part of the package when you share your life with one of these lovable and distinctive companions.

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